Why lease?

Leasing provides flexible solutions when you need containers but you don’t want to spend a large sum of capital. This can allow you to control your container needs in case of surges finding temporary suppliers to fill the gap.  

If you’re not sure what type of lease might suit you best, please contact us and we’ll figure out the best solution for you.

Pickups and delivery to most ports and cities around: China - Europe - North America - Middle East - Australia

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The leases we can provide

One way leasing

Purchasing and becoming a container owner is expensive. One-way leasing provides you with flexible pick-up and drop-off locations to move cargo at a lower cost and to the destinations you need. 


You tell us the city where you need to pickup and drop-off the containers. We’ll then supply you with depots nearby where you can pick up and use our containers. Then, same with the drop off, we’ll provide you with a depot nearby to your drop-off location to return the containers.

One way leasing has become an instrumental way in minimizing  container repositioning costs around the world whilst providing users with greater flexibility.

Operational leasing

Operational leasing is the most conventional type of lease providing containers for rent for a given amount of time at a stipulated daily or monthly rate.

  • Short term lease: For clients that need extra containers to solve surges in demand. These will typically last less than 6 months and will hold the lessee responsible for the maintenance and repair costs.
  • Long term lease: A time frame between 5-8 years offering lessee the opportunity to have access to brand new units.
  • Master lease: A master contract is created fixing details such as per diem rate, container type, number of containers per depot, pick-up and drop-off locations, and payment terms. Then, a separate individual contract is signed for each container collected under the main Master lease agreement. Only when a container is collected from a depot does the contract take effect. 

Financial leasing

A financial lease provides you the capability to use capital elsewhere whilst using containers deferring the final payment to a later point.

  • Lease buy out: A Lease buy-out works as a typical lease, but at the end of the renting period, the containers are bought by the lessor. This can either work as a standard rental fee with a balloon payment at the end, or a higher rental fee and an accrued final payment at the end. This type of lease enables clients to use capital elsewhere deferring the purchase of the containers.
  • Lease buy back: You are a container owner but need capital on short notice. In a lease buy back, we purchase your containers and lease them back to you with a balloon payment at the end. This provides you with capital on short notice and simultaneously keep using your containers.

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